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Beautiful virtual funerals

We know it’s not easy to be together right now. It’s difficult to not be able to hug everyone and just be there.

We’re here for you when you need a virtual hug.

We can help you to say goodbye to a loved one with an audio memorial. Let us help you create a beautiful, seamless and accessible end of life ceremony.


What is an audio memorial?

An audio memorial is a unique ceremony to celebrate the life of a loved one. We help you to collect eulogies, in the form of voice recordings, from friends and family of the deceased.

We take these recordings and craft them into a coherent podcast-quality memorial service. We set it to suitable background music, add songs of your choice, and create a narrative that truly honours their life.

Listen to a sample here:

How does it work?


1. Contributions

  • We provide a customisable template that introduces the audio memorial concept to your friends and family
  • Instructions on how to make a good voice recording
  • If desired, we coordinate messaging with a spiritual leader
  • Music of choice
  • We help you to collect voice recording submissions via WhatsApp, email or Messenger

2. Planning the service

  • Coordinate date and time to listen to the service: it’s not “live”, but we recommend that you try to coordinate the experience.
  • Customisable email and WhatsApp invitation template.
  • Distribution of service: the file is password protected.
  • Moderating of comment section on the private web page (this ensures no one is disturbed on their mobile phone during the service).

3. Digital Memorial Page

  • A collection of photos of your choice.
  • List of contributors’ names in order of appearance.
  • Smartphone and desktop friendly.
  • Copy of transcriptions for people of hearing loss.
  • Memorial page in printable format (PDF).

Herklink in the media

Accessibility: English
Accessibility: Afrikaans
Accessibility: English
Accessibility: Afrikaans
Accessibility: Afrikaans

Goodbyes don’t have to be pixelated.


Why shouldn’t I just organise a funeral over Zoom?

  • You need to be tech savvy and that’s hard when you’re emotional.
  • Moderating a zoom call is strenuous at the best of times.
  • The audio is often not good enough for people to hear eulogies.
  • A poor internet connection can cause the video to go clunky.
  • Some people, especially the elderly, don’t have access to email, which is required to download Zoom.
  • The audience can feel uncertain about Zoom etiquette: video on or off, mic on or off, what to wear, where to find a suitable background, etc.
  • The feeling of not being physically present can be amplified by a video live stream.

Why is an audio memorial a good alternative?

  • When recording a eulogy, you’re not speaking “in front of” anyone. It’s a protective shield against nerves.
  • Anyone, young and old, can contribute to a voice recording.
  • The recording doesn’t need to be your voice: it could be the sound of their favourite tree, car, pet, or anything that reminds you of them.
  • We help you to prepare the collaborative endeavour of collecting eulogies with clear messaging templates.
  • During the service, you can close your eyes and just… listen. Everthing is already taken care of.
  • Distribution is private and password protected.
  • Audience can leave comments and messages on the web page. It’s a centralised place where people can share their thoughts.
  • The audio file is yours to keep.
  • All you need is a smartphone or laptop, speakers or earphones.

What our clients say:

“What a beautiful, unique and thoughtful ceremony you crafted for my dear mother. My mother passed away in a time where we couldn’t be together. With most of her friends in old aged homes, this was the best way to keep everyone safe from the Covid pandemic.

This audio memorial, with the beautiful sound editing and fitting background music, is a priceless family keepsake that we can listen to again and again. A beautiful way to remember her, and to be thankful for everyone she touched with her life.

– Helena van Schalkwyk

“The stories of her life are more important than the story of how she took hers. Thank you for giving my sister her voice back.”

– Anonymous

“Mom lives in every story.”

– Johan de Waal

My mother passed away in a time where holding a physical funeral is impossible. With so many of her friends overseas, getting everyone at one place would, under normal circumstances, have been impossible.  

All over the world we gathered and listened to the memorial service, at the same time. We felt close in spirit and in this way we were able to celebrate my mum’s colourful and beautiful life. I could not have planned a more elegant and special final farewell, and I know my mum would have loved every bit of it.

– Leonorah Glatthaar

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